Got a question about the services we offer at the Manchester Gold Exchange? Here you’ll find lots of answers to the questions that we’re most frequently asked about the gold valuing and buying services that we offer.

1. Why should I sell unwanted gold?

Gold, silver and platinum prices have recently reached very high levels and the market is staying strong, there has never been a better time to sell on any unwanted gold or platinum items, like rings and watches.

2. Why sell through Manchester Gold Exchange?

The Manchester Gold Exchange offers instant and accurate quotations for any gold you wish to sell and has no hidden costs or fees. We are a reliable and trustworthy alternative to selling scrap gold in Manchester. We have a team of specialist gold analysts on site to test the purity of your gold.

3. What items can be brought in to be exchanged?

We will exchange any Hallmarked, Un-Hallmarked, Asian or Romany Gold in any form such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, cufflinks and miscellaneous items. We also accept any investment metals such as gold bars, coins, ingots or bullion.

4. Can I exchange items with diamonds or gemstones in them?

We strongly advise that that you remove any diamonds or gemstones before exchanging your unwanted items as we would only pay for the gold or platinum itself and not the stones.

5. Can I exchange broken items?

Yes. We accept all gold, silver or platinum items regardless of the condition of the item, so even if for example, it’s a broken gold watch; it’s condition doesn’t matter!

6. What if I am not satisfied with the quoted price I am given?

If you are not satisfied with the price offered for your gold, then you can simply decline our offer and your items will of course be returned to you, and at no cost.

7. Is there a limit to how much I can exchange?

No, there is no limit to the amount of gold, silver or platinum you can exchange with us and no limit to the amount of times you can use our gold for cash exchange service.

8. How long does it take for payment to be received?

We offer same day cash payments for your exchanges so that you don’t have to wait around for a cheque or bank transfer, so if you want to sell your gold for cash in Manchester, the Manchester Gold Exchange is the place to visit!

9. Is there someone I could speak to before coming in?

Yes! We have a phone line available for customers and clients to ring and it’s open 7 days a week. Just call us on 0161 273 2511.

10. Can I post you my gold items for a valuation?

Yes! You can reqest a gold pack by filling out our online form, We’ll then send you a gold pack in the post which will normally arrive within two working days. Enclose your items together with the reference number we’ll give you, and send the pack by insured delivery find out more.

11. Can you give me a quote over the phone?

We can provide you with a rough estimate over the phone yes, but you will need to know the exact weight in grams and how many karats the item is in order to do this, so the most accurate quote we can provide will be face to face if you pop in to see us.

12. Do you offer cash for gold?

Yes! When you come in to our Manchester shop to have your gold evaluated by one of our experts, we’ll offer you a price and we are happy to provide you with a same day cash payment should you wish to go ahead and sell your gold to us.

13. Can I sell scrap gold to you?

The gold you sell to us doesn’t have to be gold jewellery in pristine condition. We also buy broken jewellery and scrap gold too.

If you aren’t sure why not give us a call on 0161 273 2511 and tell us about your scrap gold, or even better, why not pop in to see one of our experts who will value your scrap gold and offer you a fair price.

Find out more about the cash for gold process, or get in touch with us here.