It is becoming increasingly common for people to be straying from the tradition yellow gold wedding bands and engagement rings, but why is this?

Other options for jewellery include white gold, rose gold, platinum and palladium. So what puts white gold ahead of others in the choice for wedding rings?

What Is White Gold?

Just like rose gold, white gold is not something that you could stumble across like standard yellow gold. It is created by alloying yellow gold with at least one ‘white metal’. These metals include nickel, palladium or manganese. Just as yellow gold is, white gold is still measured in karats.

When Did This Gold Variation Become Popular?

Since the 1990’s, white gold has been becoming increasingly popular, possibly due to the added brilliance of diamonds when set in the gold. Diamonds in a yellow gold setting will reflect the yellow colour of the band, making them appear less bright. However, with a white gold band, the reflection of the diamond would be even brighter than before.

Why Is White Gold A Popular Choice For Wedding Rings?

A survey about wedding ring trends conducted on found that 47.6% of all those taking part, would choose to have a white gold wedding or engagement ring.

Choosing white gold as your choice of wedding jewellery allows the wearers, who may prefer the look of silver jewellery to yellow gold, to maintain the wedding tradition without needing to compromise on the look of their jewellery.

Benefits of  White Gold Jewellery

  • White gold doesn’t tend to tarnish or rust very easily
  • It provides a modern twist on traditional wedding jewellery
  • The metal is dense and malleable, making it easier to manufacture into different types of jewellery
  • Although platinum is another common choice for wedding jewellery, white gold is around 25% cheaper
  • The gold is bright and silvery-white

Downsides to White Gold

  • If being worn daily, the metal can become quite easily scratched – always take the jewellery off before doing any cleaning or heavy handiwork
  • The plating, made of rhodium, can wear away fairly easily, which means it will need re-plating, however, this is very easily done.
  • Due to the possible presence of nickel, might not be suitable for sufferers of metal allergies.

What Can You Do With Unwanted White Gold?

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