Are you looking to sell your scrap gold to a reliable and fair cash for gold company? We buy your gold here at the Manchester Gold Exchange. To obtain the most accurate and competitive gold prices, sourcing and selecting the right cash for gold buyer is very important.

Whether you are looking to sell your scrap gold, gold bars and coins or gold jewellery, our expert team are on hand to provide accurate valuations. With our state-of-the-art technology, we have the tools to accurately valuate your gold items by analysing its quality, karat and authenticity. To provide dependable, and fair service, we offer face-to-face valuations of your gold items. We ensure that an accurate figure is provided, aiding a positive experience when selling your gold.

When using a variety of online cash for gold services, there’s great risk with using delivery services to send your gold. That is a further reason why we promote undertaking face to face valuations, ensuring that no risk of losing your gold through delivery services is present.

If you are looking for an efficient, easy way to sell your gold, look no further than the Manchester Gold Exchange. We buy your gold items with ease. Once you have received your gold valuation and are happy with the figure, here at the Manchester Gold Exchange we offer same-day cash payment, ensuring that the process is straightforward for you.

If you are considering selling your gold, we buy a variety of gold items and precious metals taking the current gold market value into consideration, alongside our expert valuation strategies. We buy gold such as 9ct gold, Asian and Un-hallmarked, therefore if your gold item is created under our approved golds, our expert team are ready to provide a competitive quote.

If you are looking to sell your unwanted gold items, we here at the Manchester Gold Exchange are equipped to provide realistic quotations and provide you with accurate profit in return. Along with our ethical yet efficient processes, there are many benefits of utilising our services. We offer same-day cash pay-outs, have zero hidden fees, undertake effective face to face gold valuations, and keep convenience in mind. If you would like to utilise our gold buying services, we are open 7 days a week and located in the Centre of Manchester.

To receive your no obligation quote to sell your gold items or to receive advice from our team regarding your gold, contact our team today on 0161 273 2511.