A common misconception regarding our services is that we only buy gold jewellery, but this isn’t the case! We buy a wide range of gold items at The Manchester Gold Exchange at competitive prices and have gold analysts ready to value and weigh your gold items, ensuring you get the best price for your unwanted gold items.

What Gold Items Do We Buy?

Although gold jewellery may be our most commonly bought item, that’s not all we’ll buy from you. At The Manchester Gold Exchange, we buy gold watches, gold sovereign coins, bullions, gold bars and gold ornaments. We can offer a price for ANY gold item you may have.

Our expert gold analysts can value and weigh your gold items in no time at all to determine the best possible price that we can offer. The price offered reflects the quality and content of the gold item in karats along with the weight.

When bringing your gold items in to be valued, it would be wise to ensure the tested items have been checked previously to be real gold to avoid disappointment if we can’t offer a price. If you would like to have your gold items tested with us, that is perfectly fine, and our valuation team will provide this service at no cost.

Selling Your Gold

If you have any gold jewellery, watches, ornaments or any item believed to be made from real gold lying around at home which you wish to sell, then come and see us at The Manchester Gold Exchange.

Sell your gold to us conveniently in the city centre at 28 Mason Street, Manchester M4 5EY. Find out more about the gold selling process or get in touch to receive an estimated valuation over the phone, call 0161 273 2511.