Gold is a popular commodity and has seemingly endless uses. In previous posts including 10 Strange Uses for Gold, we have uncovered the various uses for gold in everything from the medical industry, to the helmets of Astronauts and even in the culinary world. However, there are many more uses that gold has that we are yet to discuss. So, why not do that right now?

Uncommon uses for gold

Gold as a conductor

It is widely known that gold is a good conductor of electricity and it was used back in the 1930’s in telecommunications devices. Today, Just about anything electronic actually contains gold circuits. It is also quite common to find 24ct gold plated adapters and plugs.

Industrial uses

Due to the fact that gold is such a good conductor of electricity, it is also commonly found in many industrial settings, with Gold can be used for anything, from coatings to moulding in manufacturing.


Within the medical industry, injections given to some patients with arthritis contain gold, and gold can even be used in liposuction.

Nano Lipo developed a safer way to reduce excess fat through liposuction. This is done by injecting Nano-particles of gold which melt the fat for easier removal. The process was first tested by melting the fat in butter, oil and bacon!


As well as gold used in the making of the electronics in a satellite, they contain even more gold! Similar to the use of gold in Astronauts helmets and suits, gold is also used on the exterior of satellites to help reduce heat.

It can be extremely hard to keep satellites in good working condition in space when the sun is constantly heating them up. Due to the conductive properties of gold, this works as a perfect protection method against the sun’s heat transferring to the electronics.

Gold leaf

Gold leaf is most commonly used in food and drinks, as mentioned in a previous post. However, gold leaf is also used on buildings across the globe. Due to the malleability of gold, it can be beaten down into very thin sheets which are about a millionth of an inch thick, which is what gold leaf is. St Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine is an example of gold leaf used on a building.

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