You may be asking yourself “Should I sell my gold?”

Finding the ideal place to sell your gold when there is an abundance of cash for gold companies can leave you spoilt for choice. However, many gold buyers now use online methods, posted through Royal Mail Special Delivery service, which cannot be deemed as secure as a face to face buyer. Not only are there many online purchasers of gold, there are also a range of high street shops willing to buy your gold. But which company is the best choice for you to sell your gold.

The Manchester Gold Exchange offers competitive pricing for all types of gold, including scrap gold, gold bars, gold coins, gold jewellery & the majority of gold items. We use the latest in technology to determine the karat, authenticity and purity of your gold items, and can provide valuations in less than a minute per gold item.

Regardless of whether your gold is in pristine condition, we still offer a highly competitive rate and the spot price for your items. Broken gold jewellery is no issue to us, we will still offer our fixed rate for your gold jewellery. We may not be a buyer of all three of gold silver and platinum, as we focus our efforts primarily on buying gold, but with our convenient city-centre location, selling your gold has never been easier.

Although there may not be many people who still own gold coins and gold bars, these could fetch an impressive cash price! Selling your gold in Manchester has really never been so simple, our valuations are completed in mere minutes with a same-day cash payment offered for your gold items.

So if you were thinking “Should I sell my gold?” hopefully this has given you the answer about selling some of your gold items, whether that be gold jewellery, gold coins and bars or really anything that is made from gold, as the Manchester Gold Exchange is the place to go. Online postal services are not as reliable as they sometimes seem, but with our face-to-face gold valuations, you can be sure you will receive a competitive rate for your gold!

Want to find out more about the gold selling process, or want to receive an estimated quote over the phone? Get in touch today on 0161 273 2511.