Looking for a reliable and trustworthy Manchester gold company to sell your gold items to? The Manchester Gold Exchange offers competitive rates for many types of gold including hallmarked, un-hallmarked, Romany gold and Asian gold items. Whether you are looking to sell on scrap gold pieces, such as broken gold jewellery, or whether you have gold coins, gold bullion or even gold nuggets somehow lying around that you wish to sell, The Manchester Gold Exchange are the premier Manchester gold company for your needs.

At The Manchester Gold Exchange, we utilise the latest in technology to ensure the rates we offer are both competitive and accurate. Our high-tech machines determine the weight, authenticity and purity of your gold items which allows our expert gold analysts to provide an appropriate, yet competitive rate. If you are looking to sell your gold items in Manchester, or throughout the UK, there are now many options. However, The Manchester Gold Exchange offers face-to-face valuations of your gold items, providing assurance to our customers that they are receiving the best possible price when they sell their gold to us. Opting for postal services to sell your gold to can leave you at risk of lower pay-outs for your gold items, but with our face-to-face valuations our customers can rest assured that we are offering a competitive rate that matches the current gold price offered throughout the UK.

Our gold selling process is quick and simple, with our high-tech machines taking less than one minute per item to provide a valuation. We also offer same-day cash payments when you sell your gold to us, eliminating any wait times that would occur through postal cash for gold services. Our face-to-face valuations are completely non-obligational, allowing our customers to collate a range of quotes should they choose to do so, before settling on the best place for you to sell your gold.

Want to find out more about our gold selling process or about The Manchester Gold Exchange in general? Then get in touch with a member of our expert gold analyst team today. We can even offer estimated quotes over the phone if you know the weight in grams of your gold items and the karat of your gold items. Give us a call on 0161 273 2511 to find out more about the premier Manchester gold company.