Before selling your unwanted jewellery there are some steps you should take in order to ensure you are receiving the best possible price and the most reliable and trustworthy service. In this article I will outline some of the steps you should take before selling.

  • Develop your own understanding. The more you know about your jewellery the better the position you are in when you go to sell. There are many self-analysis guides online in order to help you gain a better understanding of what your unwanted jewellery should be worth.
  • Remove gem stones. At the Manchester Gold Exchange, along with many other cash for gold retailers and jewellers, the prices for your jewellery and scrap gold does not account for any gem stones. Most places would discard of these themselves, which would be at a monetary loss to the customer. This is why it is wise to first remove them yourself so that you are not losing precious stones or value.
  • Always get a valuation of your unwanted jewellery before selling. Valuations are quick and easy enough to get and would save you the possibility of being ripped off. By having your unwanted jewellery valued you will be able to find out the exact content of the jewellery you wish to sell and how much it’s actually worth.
  • Compare prices if you feel you need to. Knowing the weight and karat of your unwanted jewellery then you can just ring round different shops and dealers and receive estimated valuations over the phone.
  • Only accept the price if you are happy with what you have been offered. We have no hidden costs or fees at the Manchester Gold Exchange so if you are not satisfied with the offer you receive, your unwanted jewellery with be returned to you, free of charge.

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Sell Your Unwatned Jewellery

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