For some the process involved in choosing to sell your gold can be a confusing and daunting task.

Selling to a Jeweller

Lots of stores buy second hand jewellery but you cannot expect it to sell for as much as it cost new. Even if you bought it recently and it is in excellent condition, the price the jeweller will offer you will be heavily discounted. The reason for this is that stores buy new jewellery at wholesale and they are lower than the retail ones. The purchase price jewellers pay are then marked up to cover the stores expenses such as salaries and rent, plus some profit on top.

An alternative to selling your gold jewellery for cash is to exchange it for a new item. The jeweller will offer you a trade-in price that you won’t receive in cash but will be able to use for the purchase of another item from the store. In such a case, you will usually have to pay some additional money to cover the difference between the trade-in value and the new items retail price.


Sentimentality can play a big role in whether or not you choose to sell your gold items. If the item holds sentiment to you or a family member, it is always worth weighing up your options to see whether you could make money elsewhere and keep the item you deem special.

Alternative ways to make extra money

Other ways of making money can include selling off unused items, such as old electronics, garden equipment and toys your children had when they were younger. Although you may not think the money you would get from them would be as much as if you were to sell your gold, you never know.  Selling old clothes that may not fit or you don’t particularly like anymore is also an alternative to selling your gold. Setting out a strict budget plan isn’t necessarily a way to make money, but to save money. By doing this you can set aside the excess you would have spent on non-necessity’s to put towards whatever you need the money for. Simple ways to cut things out of your monthly spends are by cancelling memberships that aren’t regularly used, such as gym memberships. Doing a workout at home or going for a run or even a walk more regularly is free and will still provide you with the health benefits the gym would provide.

Choosing The Manchester Gold Exchange

Sometimes selling your gold is the best and easiest way to make some cash. If the items hold no special value to you, or are broken beyond repair, we will guarantee you a great price for them at The Manchester Gold Exchange. Our cash for gold process is quick and easy and our specialist analyst teams use the most current and up to date technology to ensure that your gold is correctly analysed and priced. Find out all about our cash for gold process.

To sell your gold with us or find out how much your gold is worth you can just pop in and see us at Victoria House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 7DB – or if you know the weight and karat of your gold you can ring up to get an estimated quote over the phone. It really is that easy. To find out more information contact us or call 0161 273 2511.