Scrap your gold items with us today!

The Manchester Gold Exchange offers competitive rates for you to scrap your gold with us and receive top prices for your gold items! If you are looking for somewhere to sell your scrap gold within Manchester, then look no further because at The Manchester Gold Exchange, we offer top prices for your gold items including gold jewellery, gold coins, and any other item that is made from the precious metal.

Choosing to scrap your gold may be a difficult decision, as there are dozens of cash for gold companies to choose from. But finding a reliable scrap gold UK buyer can sometimes be difficult. At The Manchester Gold Exchange, we offer highly competitive rates for you to sell your scrap gold, and with free on-site parking, and a convenient city-centre location it is always worth popping in and receiving a non-obligational quote from our expert analysts.

Whether you are looking to sell old broken gold jewellery, scrap gold items like gold coins, ornamental gold or even gold bullion, The Manchester Gold Exchange offers the ideal service for you to sell your scrap gold today. We offer same day cash payments for all the gold items we buy in our facility, so that there is not any waiting around for you to receive your pay-out from postal cash for gold companies.

The Manchester Gold Exchange offers a highly reliable and trustworthy service allowing our customers to easily sell your scrap gold for cash. Our highly competitive scrap gold price is constantly changing to ensure it matches the current gold rates which allows our expert analysts to provide accurate and up to date quotations for our customers.

We offer face-to-face valuations at The Manchester Gold Exchange and provide non-obligational quotes for our customers allowing them to collate various quotes before deciding where the best service to scrap your gold items is. The Manchester Gold Exchange utilises the latest in technologies to determine accurate readings of your gold items. Our readings provide detailed information on the purity, carat and authenticity of your gold jewellery, gold coins or standard scrap gold items. Once our high-tech machines have generated these readings, our expert analysts can then provide our non-obligational quote allowing you to decide whether you would like to scrap your gold with us that day for a same-day cash payment.

If you have any scrap gold at home that you have been considering selling, get in touch with us today and our expert analysts can provide an estimated quote over the phone. Alternatively, you can find us at Victoria House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 7DB for a face-to-face valuation of your scrap gold items, and receive a same-day cash payment.

Call us on 0161 273 2511 to talk to our expert customer service team today.