Reliable scrap gold buyers in Manchester

Looking to find reliable scrap gold buyers in Manchester? The Manchester Gold Exchange offers a trustworthy service with competitive rates for your scrap gold items! Our expert team of scrap gold buyers utilises the latest technologies to determine an accurate quote for your gold items.

Sell your Gold To The Manchester Gold Exchange

Whether you are looking to sell your scrap gold or looking to sell gold bars, gold coins, gold jewellery, broken gold, or just general gold items, we can provide you with an accurate quotation for your gold items.

State-of-the-art gold testing technology

With our high-tech machines, we are able to analyze scrap gold items and provide accurate results within minutes. We are able to analyze the purity, karat and authenticity of your scrap gold items.

Same day cash in exchange for your gold

We offer a same-day cash payment for your scrap gold items, delivering a same-day cash payment service for those who wish to sell gold for cash but on the customer service, we deliver in our store.

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge at the gold price per gram and buying scrap gold in general, allowing us to provide deeper insight for our customers

If you have any scrap gold items such as broken gold jewellery, gold coins, or even gold bars that could be better transformed into cash get in touch with us today.

Give us a call today on 0161 273 2511 or come down and see us at 28 Mason Street, Manchester, M45EY for a face-to-face valuation from our expert scrap gold buyers.