Reliable scrap gold buyers in Manchester

Looking to find reliable scrap gold buyers in Manchester? The Manchester Gold Exchange offers a trustworthy service with competitive rates for your scrap gold items! Ensuring that you sell your gold items to a reliable and trustworthy source who will offer competitive and accurate rates for your scrap gold is essential. At The Manchester Gold Exchange, our expert team of scrap gold buyers utilises the latest technologies to determine an accurate quote for your gold items.

Whether you are looking to sell your scrap gold, or looking to sell gold bars, gold coins, gold jewellery, broken gold, or just general gold items, our expert scrap gold buyers will be able to determine an accurate quotation for your gold items. With our state-of-the-art technology that we utilise to provide accurate readings on scrap gold items we can analyse the purity, karat and authenticity of your scrap gold items. At The Manchester Gold Exchange, it is extremely simple to sell your scrap gold with us. Our high-tech machines do all of the analysis of your gold items, and once the weight, karat, purity and authenticity has been confirmed, our expert scrap gold buyers can determine the price per gram that we can offer. If you want a simple way to sell your gold for cash, The Manchester Gold Exchange is definitely the place to go. We offer a same-day cash payment for your scrap gold items, and offer face-to-face valuations for all of our customers, ensuring that they feel comfortable with both the process and with the accuracy of the quote for their gold items.

At The Manchester Gold Exchange, we pride ourselves not only on delivering a same-day cash payment service for those who wish to sell gold for cash, but on the customer service we deliver in our store. Our expert scrap gold buyers have a wealth of knowledge in regards to scrap gold price, gold price per gram and buying scrap gold in general, which allows them to provide a deeper insight for our customers when someone has an enquiry in relation to selling gold for cash.

We offer cash payments on a range of gold items, with varying types of gold accepted by our scrap gold buyers. Some of the gold accepted includes Asian, Romany, Hallmarked and Un-Hallmarked gold items, which covers gold jewellery, broken gold, 9ct gold items, gold bars, gold coins, gold bullion, gold ornaments – anything that has been created using the approved gold can be presented to our expert scrap gold buyers who will be able to provide a competitive price per gram for your gold items.

When deciding to sell gold for cash, it can be a difficult decision to choose where to sell your scrap gold to, with many postal scrap gold buyers services available online it may be hard to choose a reliable scrap gold buyer. With postal services it can be slightly risky sending your gold items off, many use royal mail special delivery services, however, without the face-to-face valuations that our expert scrap gold buyers offer, it is hard to determine whether the postal services offer a trustworthy solution to sell your scrap gold. With The Manchester Gold Exchange, our customers can rest assured that their scrap gold items are in good hands, and that the price per gram they receive for selling their precious metal is competitive and accurate for the reading provided by our high-tech machines.

If you have any scrap gold items such as broken gold jewellery, gold coins, or even gold bars that could be better transformed into cash get in touch with us today. If you know the weight of your scrap gold items in grams and the karat, we can even provide an estimated quote over the phone.

Give us a call today on 0161 273 2511 or come down and see us at Victoria House, Great Anocats Street, Manchester, M4 7DB for a face-to-face valuation from our expert scrap gold buyers.