Old gold jewellery

Have you been organising your jewellery box and realised that you have quite a lot of old gold jewellery that you longer want to wear? Or maybe some of it have unrepairable damage? Well, before you make any drastic decisions and decide to sell it all – we want to give you some advice. We hope that our support will help you make the right decision.

We would never advise our customers to come in and sell all the gold they own without thinking of the sentimental value. For instance, if some of the items are family heirlooms that have been passed through many generations. The reason for that is because once the gold is sold – our customers won’t be able to get it back. Hence, have a good think before you decide to part with an old jewellery piece that holds a lot of sentimental value. 

Selling your old jewellery with Manchester Gold Exchange

If you’ve done all the hard thinking and decided to sell some of your pieces, visit our Manchester Gold Exchange Office. We will provide you with a same-day quote. Furthermore, our on-site team will give you their expert advice and recommendations. For instance, one of the great things about selling gold at our office is that it is very quick and easy. Not only we can give a quote on the same day but also provide with cash in hand likewise. Our gold analysts use the latest technologies to ensure that they provide accurate gold pricing and high up to date gold is well analysed and priced. Hence, you can rest assured that your gold will have the most accurate price. If you need more information about our gold selling process, visit our website or give us a call on 0161 273 2511. 

Or, if you are ready to come into our Manchester Gold Exchange Office, our address is Manchester Gold Exchange, 28 Mason Street, Manchester, M4 5EY.