The majority of people will own something either made entirely from, or containing some gold, whether that be jewellery, electronics, dental fillings or caps, old smoke detectors etc. But buying gold specifically as an investment remains quite popular.

The gold market is constantly changing, with prices increasing and decreasing throughout the day. However, as a rare and precious metal, gold remains a valuable asset.

Should investments in gold continue to be made?

These days, the majority of people keep their money in a bank many of these banks offering incentives in by way of interest banks are generally regarded as a safe place for money to be kept.

However, when using a bank there is still a chance our money could be at risk. Banks and many other financial institutions are still vulnerable to an economic collapse.

In the event of an economic collapse, those who have invested in gold could be better off. Many of those who choose to invest in gold do so with the aim of protecting their assets and wealth.

However, the gold market also has a chance of collapsing, as it has previously. Gold prices are continually fluctuating, meaning that you could pay a substantial amount of money for gold, for its worth to decrease or increase at any time.

Gold remains a highly sought-after commodity, and whilst the gold market is generally more stable than the financial markets, there is still a chance your gold investment could fluctuate.

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