When selling your scrap gold you should always look for the most reliable and trustworthy source with which to sell. You should aim for convenience in your transaction as well as getting the highest possible value for your scrap gold. In this article I will outline some of the benefits of using a reliable scrap gold dealer.

Benefits of using a reliable scrap gold dealer

  • You can get a free analysis of your scrap gold. Jewellery experts and reliable dealers have the tools and knowledge to analyse the exact content of your items¬†within minutes.
  • You can receive an instant quote. Once your scrap gold items have been analysed by experts and high quality machinery & tools they will be able to offer you an instant quote.
  • You can receive a best price guarantee. A local dealer with direct connections with refineries can offer higher rates for your scrap gold.
  • Scrap gold dealers do not have to pay a third party for refining. This means the cost savings are transferred to the customers.
  • Some scrap gold dealers even offer cash bonuses to customers who bring a printout of their online bonus certificate. This certificate is downloadable from their website.
  • Pawn shops, new jewellery stores, online jewellery portals and individuals purchasing scrap gold in hotel ballrooms cannot be trusted as a reliable source for selling your gold.
  • It is strongly recommended that you used a trusted scrap gold dealer whenever you wish to sell.

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