When selling gold, it can be quite daunting to have to do it online or over the phone, because you, of course, want to be sure that you’re getting the right price for the items you are selling. By sending items in by post or having them valued over the phone, this can sometimes mean you won’t get as good a price as you could have.

Due to this, at the Manchester Gold Exchange, we have face to face valuation services to ensure that you feel the most comfortable with the price you are offered.

What Our Face to Face Gold Valuation Services Include?

Upon entry, you will be greeted by our expert analysts who will take you through the process of selling your gold with us. Gold items will be tested on the latest technology to determine the karat of your items and they will then be weighed on trading standard tested scales to see how many grams your items total to.

Once this process has been completed, our expert analysts will be able to establish a competitive price for your gold, which can then be accepted or declined by yourself. If you choose to decline the offer, your gold items will be returned to you without cost for the valuation. Upon accepting the offered price for your gold we will be able to provide you with cash in hand for the gold you wish to sell.

Why Choose The Manchester Gold Exchange?

At the Manchester Gold Exchange, we take pride in offering the most competitive prices possible. We take analysing and determining the appropriate price of your gold items extremely seriously and use only the latest technology to do so. The Manchester Gold Exchange is located right in the city centre, providing a conveniently situated site along with offering onsite parking for all our customers.

Find out more about the gold buying services we offer, contact us or call 0161 273 2511.