Over the years the popularity of gold has changed from traditional yellow gold to white gold and more recently, to rose gold, especially in relation to jewellery. Whilst both white gold and rose gold have been around for quite some time, their popularity is on the rise.

But what is the difference between these three types of gold?

Differentiating yellow, white and rose gold

Although all three are a variant of gold, white gold & rose gold aren’t naturally occurring, and they’re certainly not mined in this form…

Coloured golds are still made from the precious metal, but to create subtle variations in colour, they’re mixed with other metals.

The mixing of the gold with other metals creates an alloy, such as silver, copper, nickel, palladium or manganese, and this is how they get their characteristic ‘white’ or ‘rose’ colour, making their alloy finish the main difference between the three variants of gold.

The purest form of gold has a very distinctive yellow colour, but this pure gold is extremely malleable and is actually much too soft to be used in jewellery. So even the yellow gold that most of us are familiar with in jewellery, has been alloyed with a different metal to make it stronger.

The gold colour chosen by an individual for their jewellery is usually determined by personal preferences and sometimes even trends, but, in jewellery that contains a stone, for example, it is wise to match the type of gold to the colour of the centre of the stone.

If, for instance, the diamond or stone chosen has a yellowish hue, then the ideal gold colour choice would be white gold to accentuate the stone.

But, we’ve got a top tip for you: pricing is determined by the purity of the gold used. The colour of the gold does not affect the price of the item, only the karat of the jewellery.

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