At The Manchester Gold Exchange, we offer a competitive price of gold items to match the demand for Gold and the live gold price provided throughout the UK. Whether you are looking to sell gold coins, gold bullion, gold jewellery – broken or intact, gold bars or any other gold item you may have lying around the house, The Manchester Gold Exchange is the place to go to find a reliable and trustworthy service to buy your Gold. Trying to find a reliable buyer of Gold that will offer a competitive gold price per gram whilst ensuring that the price of Gold offered meets the real-time live gold price is essential when selling your gold items. At The Manchester Gold Exchange, our price of Gold offered reflects the precious metals current worth within the market.

We offer face-to-face gold valuations of your gold items, determining the authenticity, karat and purity of gold coins, gold bars, bullion coins and any other items made from the precious metal. Utilising our high-tech machines to determine the authenticity, karat and purity of these gold items allows our expert gold analysts to offer a competitive gold rate.

Investing in Gold has always been a wise decision, the precious metal prices can fluctuate. Still, the demand for Gold is always high. By investing in Gold and selling to us at The Manchester Gold Exchange, you can rest assured that the price of gold offers reflects the current demand for Gold and live gold price being offered.

Selling your gold items for a competitive gold rate has never been simpler. With our high-tech machines to determine the authenticity, purity and karat of your gold items, our experts can offer a same-day cash payment price of your gold items. Our quotations are non-obligational and completely free, allowing our customers to collect various prices of Gold from other gold buyers before deciding on the most reliable and trustworthy gold buyer to sell to.

The demand for Gold is constantly increasing across the globe. With many people looking to sell their gold items within the UK, services such as ours, which offers a competitive price of Gold are popular. By having your Gold valued in-store with our expert gold analysts, our customers can rest assured that we offer the most competitive gold rate possible.

If you have any gold coins, bullion coins, gold jewellery or any other items made from the precious metal that you wish to sell for a competitive gold rate, get in touch with us at The Manchester Gold Exchange to receive a non-obligational quote today.

We ensure that the gold rates we offer meet the live gold price across the UK, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible price of gold offer that our experts can offer.

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