Wondering how to turn your old and unwanted gold into cash? At the Manchester Gold Exchange, the process of selling your gold has never been easier!

In just four quick and easy steps you can be walking out of our store with cash in hand for your scrap gold. It is the simplest and most efficient way to make some extra money quickly and de-clutter your jewellery drawer!

Step One

Collect all your unwanted scrap gold, such as broken jewellery and dull items. Any hallmarked or un-hallmarked pieces and all Romany and Asian gold is accepted. However, we would advise you to remove any gemstones from the jewellery you wish to sell. This is because the price for your gold does not increase regardless of how many diamonds or rubies there are adorned over it.

Step Two

If you already know the weight and karat of the items you wish to sell you can get a valuation over the phone! Call 0161 273 2511 to speak to one of our experts and gain an estimated quotation for the price of your gold.

Step Three

Once you bring your gold into our store it is tested through our high-quality machinery which uses x-ray technology to give an exact reading of the golds purity, karat and authenticity.

Step Four

After we have tested your gold we will then be able to offer you an instant quote. You can then either accept or decline this offer. If accepted we will then provide you with cash in hand, however, if you are not satisfied with the price offered then we will return all of your gold to you with no hidden costs or fees!

If you have any scrap gold lying around at home then why not contact us or visit us at Victoria House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M4 7DB and get some quick and easy cash in hand!

Still, got questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions about selling gold or Give us a call on 0161 273 2511 to receive an estimated quote over the phone or visit us for a face-to-face valuation at

Manchester Gold Exchange
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