Deciding whether to sell sentimental gold items can be a very difficult decision to make. Everyone has items which hold a certain personal value, but some might have been passed through the generations whilst others might have been received as a special gift.

Determining whether items like this hold special value in your heart is really what will determine their worth, and ultimately, whether you should part with them.

Should I sell my sentimental gold items?

To thoroughly consider the worth of the sentimental gold items you must take into account their significance. If the item has been passed down through generations then we would advise you not to part with them, regardless of how much they are potentially worth!

The history and significance of family heirlooms means that essentially, they are priceless and are best kept within the family to enjoy and treasure.

Sometimes though, you will have an item that holds some sentimental value but doesn’t mean as much as a family heirloom. It’s Items like these with less sentimental value, that can be considered for selling. This could include things like gifts that you never wear or use that you wouldn’t wish to pass on through the family.

When it comes to items like this, at the very least, it is probably worth having them valued to help you decide whether their value makes them worth parting with, or whether you’d be better off keeping hold of the item for a few years or waiting for the item to appreciate in value.

If you were to choose to part with an item like this, then the money obtained from the sale could well be put towards buying something that does have more sentimental value, for example investing in a higher value or beautiful antique piece of jewellery for yourself, a family member or a loved one.

Looking for an easy way to sell your sentimental gold items

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