Gold is a highly desired metal, which for centuries has been regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and status. However, as the years have gone by gold has become more frequently used in a variety of settings, many of which could never have been perceived upon its discovery.

Read on to find out 10 of the strangest uses for Gold…

10 Odd uses for the precious metal

1. Gold Used in Imaging

Photos which are printed in gold actually produce high-quality, long-lasting images. Recent technology has begun to use gold ink in ink jet printing, in order to ensure the images produced are top quality.

2. Gold Used in Technology

The latest gadgets and phones aren’t seemingly enough anymore. Which is why technology has been made in gold to make it even more appealing to the wealthier public. One example would be an iPhone with a diamond-encrusted Apple sign, as well as smooth, gold backing. The home button of this extravagant device is made from a 26-carat, rare black diamond.

Gold plated USB and HDMI connectors too are very common, with some claiming that these gold connectors are superior, but in practice, the benefits are marginal at best.

3. Gold Used in Food

Luxury dining experiences much more commonly involve gold leaf in recent times, which may not have been the case a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, gold leaf has become a desirable extra in wealthier establishments, as almost any dish has the ability to sparkle with some added gold.

Gold leaf is particularly popular in desserts and there are even websites dedicated to gourmet food that is decorated with gold leaf!

4. Golden Nike Trainers

A pair of Nike trainers, which are part of a collection called “Indulgences”. These trainers were dipped in 24K gold, which could bring about the question of whether it would be worth it to wear these out in public and risk them being ruined?

5. Drinks Containing Gold Foil

Just like food, beverages, specifically alcoholic ones have been known to include gold. Goldschlager is a fairly popular cinnamon schnapps drink with flakes of gold foil which are consumable. Even popular Vodka brand Smirnoff has got in on the act with a new cinnamon and gold leaf vodka. Gold looks pretty, but we’re not sure we fancy drinking it!

6. A Credit Card

A bank in Kazakhstan introduced an exclusive credit card make up of gold, diamonds and mother of pearl. Seeing as this is an everyday item for some people, this would be quite devastating to lose.

7. Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner, plated with 24K gold was created by Go Vacuum. The company actually manufactured 100 of these, which were valued at $1.5 million EACH. These are fully working vacuum cleaners, which would probably never be used by those who could afford them.

8. ATM

In Abu Dhabi, gold ATM machines have started to pop up which dispense bars of gold. One problem with this could be the continuing change of gold’s worth in the international marketplace, if you were to buy gold one day and the value of it dropped the day after.

9. Gold Leaf Wrapped Cigar

The gold cigar is a real, hand-rolled Dominican cigar which has been wrapped in thin 24-karat gold leaf, meaning you can literally smoke gold.

10. Gold Aquarium

Three Aquavista Dinosaur Gold edition aquariums were made, which in total cost $5 million. The 24-karat gold surrounds the rectangular frame which holds the reinforced glass. Due to the advanced technology which also comes with this impressive fish tank, it only requires 3 hours of maintenance, annually. It has automatic heating, lighting and a digitally controlled feeding system.

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